Battle of Thoughts!


The tussle between the thoughts

wreak havoc to my sanity

the positives and negatives jostle

vie, to dominate each other

mire the mind in a muddled mess.

Bound within the confines of home

the daily chores defeat the weary body

frustrations overpower the confused mind

it succumbs to a sulking mood

banging the door shut, to all .

The eventide ray from the horizon peeps in

bringing with it an enlightened reflection

merging the vestige of dark thoughts with the weaning shadows

the benign glow of the amethyst horizon

embraces the soul in a serene grace of gratitude .

Confined to home due to the lock down, my ramblings found words to vent out my frustrations. All fine, just waiting for this dark cloud to blow away without much harm.

Stay safe , Take care!

Eugi’s weekly prompt : Enlighten


65 thoughts on “Battle of Thoughts!”

  1. I think we all feel the same way. My thoughts leap around alk over the place. From the wirst to possible lught. But fear – yescfear is always lurking there, great poem

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      1. We do. Fear can do so many things to us and we need to try and find ways of nipping it in the bud. It is just finding those ways

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      2. It does. I tend to use logic a lot. As we are in total isolation I feel we are fairly ok, but you alwats get that little niggle going round in your head!

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  2. So well expressed, R. I guess, it is a unique situation the world over where, a vast majority of us are sailing in the same boat. It is truly becoming difficult for the optimism to hold its head above the waters!

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    1. Thank you Yashica. In these days of lock down sometimes the mind also plays a melancholic tune. This was the outburst of one such episode. Hope tomorrow will be filled with positive sunshine.


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