Will we make the right choice?


Life’s roads, so unpredictable

a sudden brake, brings the car

to a screeching halt.

The meandering roads show

no sign of destination,

the path ahead looks eerily dark.

A glimmer of hope

peeps in through the obscure maze

tiny luminaries twinkle bright

an effulgent moonlight beams

its magical smile,

lights up the route,

for life to move on!

This poem depicts the current situation of our life. The minute virus brought life across the globe to a grinding halt. Man felt he was armored with invincibility, making forays with such advanced technology and sophisticated gadgets. It took an infinitesimal microbe to get man on his knees and make him utterly helpless.

I hope wisdom prevails and man uses his intellect to learn an invaluable lesson from this bitter experience.

While I always like to end things on a positive note, I would like to know your thoughts on this. Do you think we will mend our ways to a better tomorrow or will we tread back on the same path all over again?


56 thoughts on “Will we make the right choice?”

  1. Greed of human is so bad that they want everything in their favor. After sunset there is sunshine. So this phase will be over and humans will be back in their own bad form. Air, water, plants, will be polluted once again!

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    1. Though I want to remain positive, that is my worst fear Deeksha. The irony is that even after experiencing the pollution free environment, we still want to go back to our old ways, all in the name of progress.

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  2. R, your poem, coupled with the excellent sketch by Aditi, relates perfectly to the present situation. While I have always been a die-hard optimist my entire life, I am also a realist. Over the last couple of decades, I have learnt to see the world through un-tinted glasses and have analysed it for what it really stands. I feel this is but a temporary speed-breaker on this road to nowhere that we have chosen. Once the storm abates and the obstacle is cleared we will once again drive at full speed down the highway to development (destruction?). The need (or is it want?) for resources is heavily loaded in favour of the ever increasing human population. I fear that we are the real virus infesting mother nature – rampaging, consuming at will and leaving behind a path of destruction that will slow catch up and consume us too!

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    1. Hmm….yes N, I too love to see the positive side to things. That’s why I asked the question here to feel the pulse of people’s thoughts. I am appalled at the trail of destruction man leaves behind in the name of development.
      If man fails to learn a lesson from such a rancorous experience, then how can he call himself the most intelligent species of the planet?

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      1. R, through the years I have studied entire life cycles of some very small and insignificant-looking creatures. But never did I find one which would willingly destroy its own habitat (again, only a virus does that, doesn’t it?), so I dare say that we are actually a most foolish species! Yes, a few among us have risen above the masses and are spreading awareness of our fallacies; realisation is growing and the overall situation is much better than, say, a decade ago. But it doesn’t seem to be enough because the population is only growing and so is the demand upon natural resources. Alternate and nature friendly wares cannot provide for so much at this stage. So unless we cut down on our wants the consumption curve will only rise. I have my fingers crossed that we truly learn from this pandemic and change for the better – at least a little – so we may delay doomsday…

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      2. Well said N. The animals follow an unsaid law in the jungles. I guess unlike man, they have not succumbed to greed and never ending desires.
        Actually the realization should dawn on man, now that he lived well in the last month and a half without all the frills and fancy lifestyle. I think families connected better, chipped in with the household chores, bonded with the extended families virtually, put on their chef hats, inhaled clean and fresh air, saw drastically reduced pollution levels.
        Even after experiencing all this, if he still wants to revert to his old ways, he is nothing but the most foolish and greedy creature. Sadly he is chopping the very same branch that he is sitting on.

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  3. May be the car had to come to a screeching and sudden halt so that we enjoy the route to our destination and stop and look at the valley we are crossing, to stare at the trees, the setting sun and the rising moon.
    I am hopelessly optimistic and I do believe there is a better tomorrow. 🙂

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    1. Loved your optimistic attitude Parikhit. That’s exactly what we need to do in the journey of life. We just focus on the finish line to win the race, forgetting to enjoy the drive enroute. Except for a handful, our vision is very restricted and narrow.

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  4. Beautiful words reflects the journey of life though it is for current situation. I feel it depends, this situation is what we didn’t even imagined so we can take much from this and make our remaining life so good, but I don’t think everyone will do that.

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  5. The post is beautiful. It’s amazing.
    Truly a lesson to man kind. It indeed has taught us that, Yes it is the family who will be with us everytime.We feel safe and protected by the warmth when family is around, and moreover to tell us that Yes social interactions are required to learn,to explore and move on.

    And nature’s taking it own time to heal and it has shown it own way give a halt to man’s actions. Hoping for better days!✌️

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