In Hope…

Life’s pedal moves on waiting for none,

O brother, the only sepia toned picture of us, is a treasure I cherish.

It conjures so many memories full of mirth.

The happy feet scampering across the neighbourhood, on hot summer noon

our buffoonery, inviting the ire of the old café owner.

With laughter echoing through the streets,

those growing up years defined unlimited felicity,


miasmic bugle of war blew, bringing with it bloodshed

bombs bombarded destruction and mayhem.

My lachrymose deluge, drenched the rubble looking for you,

the throes of separation lacerating my soul.

After all these years, I still wait, in hope of your return…

Sadje’s WDYS #146



In response to Kat’s twittering tale # 77 to write a story in 280 letters or less !

ic: Min An at

Every evening I wait by the stairs for mom and dad to return from office, in vain! I never get to see them, as they come home very late from work, well past my bed time. My housekeeper takes care of me then.  You know, my parents are very special! They are the weekend parents!

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