R – Rains!

A to Z Challenge – Nature and I


By July the monsoon bells ring in the Indian peninsula as the entire country is drenched in the sanguine pearls from the heavens. The parched land finds much respite from the sweltering summer heat sapping all energy from the flora and fauna. The insipid leaves get a glossy green makeover, insects cavort around in trilling conversations, meandering rivers swell with gushing pride, pastoral meadows awaken from their withered slumber, farmers send a prayer of gratitude, children squeal in glee, artistic minds conceive creative odes. Man and nature rejoice under the magical spell of rains.

Wafting petrichor

verdurous euphonic song

monsoon nirvana

When I watch the showers from my window, I realize apart from the sensory delight, there are many things it teaches us.

When the moisture overwhelms the clouds, they let go of their burden, in the form of rain. We need to imbibe the same. When we find it difficult to carry the emotional baggage in life, it is imperative that we learn to let go of it. The more we hold on to the pain, further down it will suck us into a dark whirlpool. So just like the rains, our emotions need a healthy release. Letting go is very vital to heal ourselves.

Every storm runs out of rain – Maya Angelou

At times, the overcast dark clouds and the incessant rain dampens our spirit and thwarts our plans. But in reality, this brooding melancholy doesn’t last forever. After hours of rain, the sky eventually clears up with the sun shining bright and sometimes rewarding us with a beautiful chromatic rainbow. With the same analogy, problems in life however bad they are, will be sorted and life will smile at us. Optimistic attitude is like an umbrella protecting us from getting drenched from the miseries of life.

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G – Gloomy Winter!

A to Z challenge : Nature and I

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Some find the bleary monotone of the placid winter very depressing. They feel stifled under the gloomy alabaster blanket. Bare branches burdened under the weight of the snow, the whining wind blowing with piercing bite of chill, hazy outlines against a misty backdrop, the sun doing the disappearing act, dampens their spirits.

But there is so much more happening under the frosty panorama. Things are on a hibernating mode during this cold season. Sitting indoors within the warmth of my cozy room, I indulge in frozen conversations with myself. I watch the snowfall out of my window. They swirl and pirouette with poise, before falling to the ground. They melt without a worry, accepting the law of the nature with grace. Winter showcases beauty in monochrome. To me it speaks in its hushed silence, nudging me to “just be”. It’s a time to be quiet and ruminate.

Winter forms our character and brings out our best – Tim Allen

The earth moves on unflinchingly on its course heralding a change in season. The first rays of spring thaw the frozen rhapsody, spurt tender green sprouts, before a burst of blooms adorn the landscape. Likewise, the thoughts ideate within me, to finally emerge brimming with vigor. Slowing down, definitely gives me an impetus to growth. Winter is a season for reflection, recovery, perseverance and rebuilding.

lingering season

the white winter solitude

confetti of thoughts

As the final curtain drops…

Ladybug, Leaves, Foliage Leaf, Insect, Beetle, Nature

Seasonal transition follows nature’s rhythm.

Once full of supple verdurousness  

today, I mirror a dull ochre expression.

Diluted veins sap my strength,

 I am blown away by the gust of wind,

my withered soul drifts away from home.

I twirl to the rhythmic breeze, explore faraway places,

at times crushed beneath the hurried feet.

I hold no grudges.

Graceful surrender and acceptance, fills me with peace.

Nature’s lullabies cajole me to deep slumber

 into mother earth’s welcoming bosom..


green bench covered with snow
Vidar Nordli Mathisen@unsplash

Autumnal hues fade

seasonal baton exchanged,

bleak dreary act unfolds

 gentle snowflakes cascade

kiss the earth in hushed tones

burying the winters whisper

in absolute white silence.

The melancholy numbs the poetic musings

 frigid ink stares at the blank pages

frosty madness eclipses sanity

awaits the arrival of spring,

to thaw the frozen thoughts.

Sanguine Spirit!

Vibrant confetti of leaves

ochre, brown and red

rustle an autumnal melody

twirl to the wispy breeze

revel under the harvest moon

spray a mist of spicy scents

delight the sensory emotions.

As Fall bids a final adieu

the fronds let go,

without any attachments

to their soul tree.

They sway in gay abandon

swirling and whirling in the finale,

before kissing the earthy bosom,

to be buried under winter’s white blanket.

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